About Somark


We design and manufacture ID technology for lab research with animals

About us

Somark is a leader in lab animal identification solutions. Our technology deliver new levels of study data accuracy and consistency, promoting animal welfare refinements for your 3Rs credentials.

The result is better science for researchers and better business for all.

Celebrating 10 years

We modernize the laboratory environment with innovative products to streamline and accurately identify and assess test animal characteristics through the research and reporting phases.

Somark’s products include the world’s smallest RFID tag creating a digital mouse, which is the foundation of Somark’s SensaLab ecosystem.

Somark is also enhancing visual identification through our Labstamp product, which automates tattoos to the tails of laboratory mice.

Traditional methods of identifying laboratory animals introduces inadvertent human error and inaccurate recording, and Somark customers and partners are now achieving far higher research accuracy, validity and efficiency.


Approved and used by over 300+ research organisations

Used globally across 15 countries

Over 10 years as leaders in animal ID

Over 2 million mice and rats identified with Somark

What drives us

  • Advances in human healthcare rely on new discoveries during pre-clinical research studies. We aim to help pre-clinical researchers maximize the impact of their work by enabling them to work smarter, faster and more cost effectively.
  • Since animal models are at the heart of pre-clinical science, we also focus on ensuring our customers are at the forefront of using the most refined identification methods available, reducing and eliminating variables that may confound their study outcomes. The welfare of animals is central to our ethos and reflected in our solution designs.
  • Good research relies on people, so we also aim to make sure our solutions are easy to learn, easy and intuitive to apply and easy to use. We aim to reduce the stress for lab staff too!

Some of our clients we support

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