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Animal and mouse identification products that will improve your research

Our products

Somark’s products have transformed animal and mouse identification methods by reducing and eliminating errors in both the application and reading of animal IDs.

This breakthrough delivers better quality research outcomes, greater staff productivity and improves animal welfare. The result is better science for researchers and better efficiency for the organisations undertaking research.

Through two next-generational products, Somark are pleased to have assisted over 300+ research institutes to achieve new levels of success in preclinical research. Starting with laboratory workflows of preclinical R&D labs, both Labstamp and Digitail offer a number of unique benefits to align with the mission and aims of the facilities.

Digitail™ Tag

RFID technology is at the forefront of real-time data streams in research labs. Through the world’s smallest RFID tag, Digitail can LinkTo any existing laboratory software to produce a powerful, automated data stream from the study subject to wider laboratory systems.


A new outlook on outdated mouse identification methods such as ear notching and tagging is Labstamp. This automated visual solution combines permanent, pain-free tail tattooing systems with new levels of animal welfare and universal IACUC/ethics approvals.

Labstamp offers permanent visual mouse identification

Mouse identification methods that produce accurate data

Both the methods, tattooing and RFID tagging, minimize operator fatigue and improve data collection. This extends recordability meanwhile the improved read distances achieved in comparison to other products on the market allows for greater efficiency.

The tattoos are readable from outside the cage and RFIDs can be read through glass and plastic materials.

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Compliant mouse identification methods to refine use

Labstamp and Digitail utilise safety restraints during their application to minimize trauma of excessive handling.

Both are application methods, including the automated tattooing system of Labstamp and the injector pen for Digitail, are also computerized to mitigate any risks of underlying tissue damage.

This differs greatly from many other types of visual and digital preclinical IDs. Both products remove the requirement of anaesthesia, as well cause little pain or stress to the study subject, which ultimately ensures that your research data collected is of the highest integrity.

Improved animal welfare

Animal welfare improvements and three R compliance
Cost effective

Scalable, universal and cost-effective indentification

Automated, secure and easily managed identifications

Transform your mouse identification methods

Achieve a step change in efficiency and accuracy through our products. If you’re interested in reaping the rewards of deploying a world-leading visual ID method or taking advantage of the world’s smallest RFID tag, complete the form below and get in touch with a representative of Somark in your region.

These modern solutions streamline laboratory animal identification processes during preclinical research. To find out exactly what research types both Labstamp and Digitail can be used for, read our latest article. Alternatively, head to our applications page to understand how these products compare to existing mouse identification methods on the market!

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