Key partners


We partner with leading breeders and lab system providers

Key partners

We are proud to partner with the breeders for pre-identification and the leading lab software system providers for automated animal ID capture. Don’t see your animal vendor or software provider listed here? Contact us and we will work to partner with them too.


AnimaLab has been operating in the life science market since 2004. Equipping laboratories working with animals or animal products, animal facilities, along with industrial laboratories with products that unveil new possibilities in their processes. Distributing Somark products to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Baltic States and Croatia and Slovenia.

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Intellibio continues its development by meeting the needs of in-vivo studies of neuroscience, offering behavioural analysis devices for over 20 years. Distributing Somark products throughout France and Switzerland.

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Jackson Laboratories

Jackson Laboratories will supply your mice with the Labstamp tattoo already applied to the tail. You can also order your mice pre-identified with the Somark Digitail RFID tag, implanted in the tail.

Charles River Laboratories

Pre-ID™ Services – The ability to properly identify study animals is critical to the accuracy of your research initiatives. Charles River’s animal model pre-identification services include Labstamp tattoos and Digitail RFID implants.


Animal Study Workflow Software – Data-driven software that expedites and enhances research studies.

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Automated Genotyping Services – Guaranteed results in 24 or 72 hours with 99.97% accuracy plus leading Colony software solutions, including Tick@Lab

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Modern software built for modern science – Benchling is a cloud-based platform for biotechnology research and development.

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Climb from Rockstep streamlines in vivo research. Configurable and scalable, Climb grows with your research needs.

Reduce data silos, improve collaboration and get to market faster with Climb!

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Hollywood International Ltd

Delivering expertise and experiences to customers globally to reinforce the fundamentals of scientific technology. Their scope of business includes developing innovations to meet customers’ requirements and working collaboratively with them to discover breakthroughs in various fields.

As our official distributor for the Thailand region, Hollywood International Ltd are a valued partner, find out more via our news section.

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