Digitalisation has become well-established in a number of sectors, with the research laboratory being no excuse. Systems and softwares are now reaching new innovative heights of digital representation.  

Training is one such instance where digital, remote, and online offerings have taken time to be incorporated into a lab setting. On the job, hands-on laboratory experience has been marked as invaluable for research institutes amongst other laboratory settings. As the world moves closer to a multi-sector digital revolution, however, laboratory training and experience have also adopted digital solutions.  

Technological advancements are one such factor that contributes to the ever-changing landscape of lab practices.  It is befitting that the digitalisation of processes and workflows is also now a reason for the requirement of continued professional development and continuing education unit credits.  

Lab Technicians and Managers are expected to demonstrate their engagement with advances in the medical and healthcare fields, through developments that affect their labs directly and through understanding of external, topical lab industry trends.  

Development for preclinical laboratory professionals

Continuing education programs are of the utmost importance for laboratory professionals as they develop and progress in their respective preclinical careers. This is because not only do CEU credits benefit progression plans, but they also allow for education to account for policies, procedures and software which span outside of the facility where they’re currently working.  

CEU credits are available for a broad range of topics including new assay techniques, quality control procedures, new platforms, technology developments and LIMS, to name a few.  

The benefits that training and continued learning in these types of areas can bring to laboratory professionals is unmatched. Since continuing education units (CEU) and continued professional development (CPD)opens doors in terms of understanding: 

  • Quality Assurance 
  • Strategy 
  • Procedures and policies 
  • New software and platforms 
  • Regulations and compliance 
  • Data management 

Medicinal, pathology and other preclinical activities will continue to develop with new technology and innovations on the horizon. By gathering an understanding of these R&D expansions from the outset, laboratory professionals can understand the workflows and behaviours of R&D labs, clinical labs, manufacturing labs and many more, whilst remaining in a preclinical lab.  

The training can be conducted through a magnitude of methods, whether it’s formal offsite sessions, informal remote webinars, or something else entirely. The crediting system put in place is there to help professionals evidence their learning and means that they can produce a credit record of their commitment and dedication to the healthcare and medical arena outside of their day-to-day roles. This will help with progression, career opportunities and translational skills.  

CEU and CPD through online training

The easiest way to maximise accessibility to continued education resources is through online training. With cost-effective and free tools available to a variety of laboratory technicians, managers, study directors and facilities managers, to name a few. Earning continuing education credits is fairly straightforward and can be tailored to the individual’s knowledge gaps or areas of career value.  

These credits are accumulated through participation in various education experiences, the majority of which are online. Examples include: 

  • Virtual entry-level laboratory training is available from providers, such as CDC, as well as universities including our client, Harvard Medical School
  • Attending conferences, workshops, webinars and seminars (online and virtual attendance is eligible). Many event organisers will already detail whether CEU credits are available for attending their workshops or events.  

Many product and service providers that deliver to the laboratory space are also expanding their offering to account for CEU credits now.  

Somark is no exception with our latest training quiz now available to anyone looking to obtain CEU credits. The Labstamp training quiz is worth 0.5 CEU and can be completed at any time. By watching our Labstamp training video and reading the Labstamp SOP, professionals can then complete our quiz in as little as 10 minutes to gain continuing education credits.  

Online training for the Somark product range

We have expanded the delivery of our training resources to account for online and remote accessibility. Our products are here to shape laboratory processes, improve data management and accuracy as well as assist with compliance with respective regulatory bodies across the globe. Online training and resources are a massive factor in ensuring that your Labstamp of Digitail systems achieve these goals.

By completing the Labstamp training quiz for example, you not only gain further insight into one of our market-leading products, but you can use it to better understand how Labstamp and other innovative ID methods can affect preclinical workflows.  

Since Lapstamp is a digital tail tattooing system which automates reading data and streamlines the ID process, gaining a certificate which outlines your knowledge and understanding of Labstamp allows you to highlight your awareness of next-generation ID methods.

Labstamp is of vital use in preclinical research and laboratories across the world. The training quiz offers insights into how these facilities are benefitting from tail tattooing in general; primarily through three core advantages.

Three R improvements and animal welfare compliance
Time efficiency, resource flexibility and laboratory process improvements
Data accuracy, readability, traceability and integrity

By showcasing comprehension of the importance of animal welfare, data accuracy and time efficiency through CEU credits, you will also be well equipped to adapt what you have learnt in the training quiz and apply it to wider commercial and regulatory principles of research laboratories.

Complete the Labstamp training Quiz and earn CEU credits all from the comfort of your lab or home. We are Somark, helping all to deliver better research.