Somark announces RFID fish tags to their innovative identification repertoire facilitating the accurate ID of various preclinical research species whilst improving the welfare of animals involved in vivo studies.

RFID fish tagging powered by Digifish

Somark are leaders in lab animal identification. Originally founded in 2007, Somark has since developed various patented technologies and products to provide advanced alternatives to manual lab animal identification methods.

As part of this business objective, Somark has undertaken various independent testing trials. We’ve since consolidated a new application of our sector-recognised RFID technology in a new species, fish.

Bringing the world’s smallest, implantable RFID tag to market in 2019, we were passionate about offering the most animal welfare-compliant RFID tag to preclinical researchers across the world. We have representatives across six locations, including the US, EU and UK, to facilitate the integration of our identification products.

Now, over 300+ institutes are utilising Somark’s products to identify their mouse colonies and reach new heights of research data accuracy, integrity and repeatability. We’re excited to see how the success and adoption of Digitail ™ over the past several years will accelerate the growth of our latest application, Digifish™.

These RFID fish tags are only 6mm long, 0.5mm wide and 0.25mm high. This equates to an impressive 0.75mm³ volume. Digifish™ opens up opportunities for automated data relays and improved accuracy in biomedical research founded on ID data. The RFID fish tag comes with a pre-existing, permanent 24-character ID and can be read by any compatible UHF reader. It is also ISO 18000-6c compliant.

Welfare risks of wildlife and laboratory fish are also reduced with Digifish™. Its unique Parylene C coating ensures it is completely bioinert, and its impressive dimensions position the RFID fish tag at 16 times smaller than typical glass transponders available to laboratory and environmental researchers. This enables the RFID tag to be compatible with various laboratory fish strains in biomedical research, such as zebrafish.

Somark’s Managing Director has this to say about the launch of the RFID fish tag:

‘’Digitail™ has proved to be one of the most secure, easily read identification tags in today’s market, contributing to the identification of over 3+ million mice and rats which have  unique ID’s from Somark products.

We’re excited to see how Digifish will transform both laboratory and non-laboratory RFID fish tracking. The development of this application is well underway with independent testing of the RFID fish tag and its compatibility with the Danio Rerio zebrafish strain currently ongoing. This focus is due to its rapidly growing involvement in preclinical research.

Somark’s radio frequency identification technology is positioned to be a pivotal aspect of facilitating efficiency, automation and compliance in wildlife and research species monitoring.‘’

The Somark Development Team

Amongst the launch of the RFID fish tags, we have been working alongside the President of Hinchinbrook Inc. This key partner has facilitated the development of our cutting-edge RFID technology and its suitability for fish species. Delivering unmatched experience and assistance in the transition or migration to RFID fish tags, Hinchinbrook offers FRyID (powered by Digifish) for non-laboratory fish monitoring programs.

FRyID is a RFID fish tagging solution for fish research

Hinchinbrook’s President says

“We are ecstatic to be the driving force behind the launch of FRyID to the fisheries community. With over 5,000 salmonid fry already successfully tagged, and many other species currently in trials, we have proven beyond a doubt the efficacy of these tags to fill a decades-old technology gap for the unique identification and tracking of very small fish in any environment.”

With a combined passion for sound science, our ethos’ is aligned with this venture to improve efficiency and data quality. Differentiated by our chosen target markets, Hinchinbrook is the sole distributor of FRyID (powered by Digifish) which will innovate natural resource research.

Somark is privileged to transform the identification processes of various businesses, as well as to partner with and serve some of the largest organisations in preclinical research. Dedicated to the continuous improvement of ID methodology, RFID fish tags are an exciting opportunity for organisations across the environmental and laboratory sectors to harness the power of efficiency and compliance with the world’s smallest RFID tag.

RFID fish tags brought to you by Hinchinbrook and Somark