Digitail RFID tags aim to streamline and automate your identification processes whilst removing inaccuracies and animal welfare risks.

In order to offer our customers the most effective data capture process on the market, we have carefully considered the accessibility of our products and decided to discontinue the AI Connect and Study Program, focusing instead on LinkTo applications.

Our LinkTo application enables technicians and researchers to capture and record Digitail anima IDs into any software application on your desktop or browser.

This allows digitalized mice IDs to be used in and integrated with a variety of software packages and enables our users to manage animals in preclinical studies using their existing LIM and ELN systems.

We have found several excellent software packages for our customers; if this is of interest to you, please let us know.

We’re shaping the future of animal identification and ensuring our innovative solution is one that meets the needs of researchers across the world.