The Somark team attended the AALAS annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah between the 22nd to the 26th of October 2023. We had a great time showcasing the wide range of benefits our lab animal identification systems have to offer.

We got to meet so many new faces as well as lots of our existing clients, with both Digitail and Labstamp receiving lots of praise.

If you missed us why not learn more about our leading lab animal identification solutions: Labstamp (automated tattoo for visual ID) and Digitail RFID tags?

This premier meeting for Lab Animal Professionals projects 4,000 attendees. This makes it one of the perfect events to discuss how our products can help laboratory professionals and their respective research organisations to meet the goals and ambitions of their facilities.

Whether you’re currently focused on the Three Rs and improving the welfare of animals on your studies, or passionate about reducing the valuable technician time wasted on ID processes, or even working on a research project where fast yet accurate ID data is integral to the success of your project, we have a product to suit you.

Labstamp is the visual future of identification meanwhile Digitail is assisting in the futuristic automation of labs. Combine their powers for complete visual and digital identification or use just one of the products to help you on your way to becoming…

A laboratory of the future!